Andy’s Scribbles

in Poetry

As I thought more on the topic of Internet security and privacy, I decided to revisit the image of going barefoot on the net. This time, however, in the form of a poem. Here it is:


I stand barefoot in the dark
On the brink of the unknown
I see not to the left or to the right
But where I stand alone

Voices call beyond my view
And I smell nearby perfume
Promising treasures to be obtained
And pleasures to consume

Also far off another’s call
Warns of glass littering the ground
Thistles and briars to snare my feet
And beasts that devour without sound

There is much I need to do
And knowledge that I hope to gain
If I can just put my foot forward
And risk the misfortune and pain

Do I dare venture forward
Into the darkness I fear
Or shall I wait here forever
For a light that may never appear

Copyright © 2008 Andrew VanWagoner