Andy’s Scribbles

in General

Now I’ve gone and made a blog for myself. I suppose I should start by introducing myself.

My name is Andrew VanWagoner, and I am originally from Taylorsville, UT. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, Julie Ann VanWagoner (formerly Crooks). We have one daughter, Abigail Ruth, who will be two months old on Monday. We live in Provo Utah where I am studying Computer Science at BYU.

I am afraid my pen name the TaleCrafter is somewhat misleading, because I make my living as a Web Programmer. In 2000, a friend and I thought up a fantasy world we called Tsera, and I began writing a book about it. It’s funny how much I wrote and then threw away. In 2006 I had recently returned from Brazil and I decided to get going on that books again. After reading the 200+ pages I had written prior, I was completely dissatisfied and started over. Due to getting married, having kids, and trying to get an education, I now have a whole 10 pages worth in my book, The Brothers of Linester.

Well, that seems to state my life in a nutshell. Life is good.