Andy’s Scribbles

My name is Andrew VanWagoner, and I am originally from Taylorsville, Utah, USA. I am married, and we have four kids.

This blog started in 2008 as a college assignment for an Ethics and Computers in Society class. Of the posts you will find here, a few of them will deal with writing fiction, a few will be discussions about our society as once I perceived it, or about various neat tidbits I pick up here and there, but most of them will probably be about software.

Don’t be too judgmental of things I wrote years ago. I reserve the right to change my mind and grow into new understanding, but I think it’s still valuable to preserve past snapshots of my thinking. I’m likely wrong as often as right, and I’m surprised if you are reading this anyway.

Just a note, my family descended from John Halmagh Van Wagoner, whose family came from Wageningen in the central Netherlands. So, to you other Van Wagoners, VanWagoners, and Van Wagenens out there, if that name rings a bell, we’re probably related.